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Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Deadlifting Platform is an efficient and essential piece of workout equipment for home & commercial gyms. This floor-protecting platform not only protects the floor from damage but also has an ultimate shock-absorption property and thus reduces the noise or sound when landing weights on the platform. Our Crash Pads made of Dense Rebound Foam and 18oz Ripstop Vinyl the best noise-dampening, cost-efficient and shock-absorption platform, and the Wooden & Rubber Platform is enclosed in a secure metal frame, with corner plates in each corner of the platform for added stability and safety. The Wooden Jerk Block Set helps the athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to rack position on each rep. This workout platform ensures firm footing during the lifting of bars/plates and thus provides a safe and secured floor during physical training time. 

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LIVEPRO Crash Pads are noise-dampening pad for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Crash pads are cost-efficient as the Shock-absorbing mats dramatically reduce the sound and vibration of bars/plates on the drop.
The extreme force that occurs when you drop or lower the weight on a concrete floor can damage bars and bumper plates. The Live Pro Weightlifting Platform provides a dedicated space for Olympic lifting.
The Live Pro Wooden Jerk Block Set are utilized in weight training as a way for athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to rack position on each rep.
A high-impact Rubber platform that has an ultimate shock-absorption property. This durable and long-lasting platform reduces noise and prevents the floor from damage when landing weights. A great protection tool for Weightlifting and Powerlifting.
A heavy-duty lifting platform that has two rubber lateral sections and a central wood section. It has a rigging attachment for connecting the Power Rack for doing various free weight barbell exercises. A great tool for Weightlifting and Powerlifting.
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