Alexia Leg Extension / Leg Curl MA779
Alexia Leg Extension / Leg Curl MA779
Alexia Leg Extension / Leg Curl MA779
Alexia Leg Extension / Leg Curl MA779

Alexia Leg Extension / Leg Curl MA779

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Product Description

Leg Extension Leg Curl Singapore


To strengthen, shape, and build muscles in the thigh and leg areas, our Alexia Leg Curl plays a vital role. Lifting and lowering the legs activates the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. The hydraulic cylinder offers 6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train opposing muscle groups. The anti-skid feet at the front and rear base help in quick and easy mobility.

Leg Extension Leg Curl Workout


Beginning Pose: I) Sit on the machine & keep your back firmly straight against the backrest, II) Slide your shin between the 2 lower cushions with the knees over the upper cushions, III) Grasp the handles.
Ending Pose: I) Lift your left leg up gently until your leg is straight & stop for a while, II) Then, slowly pull down your legs gently i.e to the starting position & stop for a while, III) Repeat the desired number of repetitions as per your strength level, IV) Keep your back close to the pad for the whole movement, and take breaths normally.

Leg Extension Leg Curl for Sale


QuadricepsThe exercise with this leg curl works mainly on the quadriceps muscles of the front of the thigh. This helps in building the lower body strength and muscle definition as part of a strength training workout.
Hamstrings: These are the muscles that are responsible for extending the leg straight behind the body and bending the knee. Exercise with this leg extension makes the hamstrings stronger which are located at the back of the thigh.


Brand Model

Alexia HC-BH-MA779


113.6 (L) X 76.5 (W) X 69.9 (H) cm





Quadriceps and Hamstrings.


Yes. There are 6 adjustable resistance levels.

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