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Functional training using Gym Balls and Power Bags are versatile training tools that can enhance any type of workout. We have a wide collection of Functional Balls and Bags that helps in improving the strength, endurance, coordination and balance of the body. Sole Fitness Singapore offers “Coloured Medicine Ball, Slam Ball, Wall Ball, Double Grip Medicine Ball, Power Bag, Bulgarian Bag, and Trampoline Rebounder”. Get speed recovery from back pain and muscle strain due to heavy lifting training by using the exercise balls. Make use of these balls for increasing back & spine health, core stability, muscle balance, flexibility and body posture. Filled with sand, training with power bags during dynamic or static exercises enhances the speed and balance. It is a fantastic training tool for runners and athletes as it provides extreme stability and endurance. A great addition to the home or commercial gym for everyone’s workout routine!

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The Live Pro Power Bag is the ideal choice for fitness centres or commercial entities and for practitioners of intensive grip work.
The Live Pro Bulgarian bag is made from industrial grade PVC skin and is designed for longevity and a premium finish.
The slam ball; a non-bouncing medicine ball , specifically designed and tested for an aggressive and intense workout.
The Live Pro Wall Ball is especially suitable for rehabilitation, strength and athletic training.
The Medicine Ball is an all-purpose heavy-duty rubberized ball for functional core stability training and strength building exercises.
The double grip medicine ball provides all the benefits of medicine ball training with the added benefit of using 2 grip handles.
The versatile fitness ball is safe and effective for Workout, Exercise, Stability Training, Core Training, Yoga, Pilates, and most especially for Balance Training.
Trampoline rebounder is an adjustable for use with any type of medicine ball.
The live pro ball rack is a versatile rack for a medicine ball, Bulgarian, core and power bags amongst others.
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