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Best Exercise Bikes : Ride to Stride Your Fitness Level

by sole fitness 23 Jun 2021
Best Exercise Bikes : Ride to Stride Your Fitness Level


Just remember the golden childhood days, where you used to ride a bike with your buddies. Yeah! Those are memories full of happiness. But now, the world has changed and we don’t even get the time for going out for a pleasant ride. As everyone is revolving around their busy schedule, it’s very much difficult to spend time in these. Anyway, we can’t travel back to those days, but we can move forward with a great replica for outdoor cycling. It’s none other than the low-impact and effective Cardio Equipment called “ EXERCISE BIKES”.

What is an Indoor Exercise Bike?

Don’t have time for an outdoor ride? Still, need the best alternative? Then indoor cycling bikes are the perfect replica that exactly simulates outdoor cycling. Over the last few years, the popularity of exercise bikes has increased due to their enormous health benefits and sophisticated design. To obtain a full-body workout in the form of physical exercise that helps in boosting the immune system, weight loss, and overall body conditioning is undoubtedly the “Stationary Bikes”. While coming to fitness training, any beginners or professionals can get a safe practice as the bike is very easy and convenient to use. These user-friendly and smartly engineered indoor bikes decrease stress & anxiety and are extremely effective against bad cholesterol. Next, let’s get to know about the different types of Exercise Bikes.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Let’s gain a briefing of different exercise bikes that are available in the market and their functionalities. Either home or commercial gym, these bikes are the right choice for obtaining the best aerobic workout.

Working Mechanism: The amount of force applied to the pedals against the resistance increases the intensity of the exercise.

Exercise Bike in Sole Fitness Singapore

Upright Bikes

This type of cycling machine lets the user pedal the bike in an upright or racing position. Upright exercise cycle has a magnetic resistance system and some have a fan air resistance. Here the flywheels are much lighter thus allowing the riders to obtain different resistance levels. The pedalling just imitates the cycling of a traditional bicycle. Features with variable resistance, adjustable handlebars & seat, heart rate grips, balanced flywheel and an effective display console for monitoring real-time progress of time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate. Kindly check out our durable and remarkable indoor upright bikes. Xterra Fitness UB120, Xterra Fitness UB150, Sole LCB 2020 Model & Stex S25UX.

Recumbent Bikes

The major difference between the recumbent bike from other bikes is its seating position. The bike’s seat offers utmost comfort with a padded backrest & oversized seat. It ensures a natural position like sitting on the chair and it typically gentle on the back and joints during exercise. Especially for those who have back pain, the recumbent bike is a perfect choice. Here are our highly-rated recumbent gym cycle Xterra Fitness SB150, Sole LCR 2020 Model.

Spin Bikes

A spin bike offers a realistic road ride in an indoor setting. Great equipment for cyclists to enjoy outdoor cycling at their home gym. The difference between the upright & recumbent bike is that the rider has to bend towards the front like real road cycling. Here the flywheels are directly connected to the pedals, making it operate like a fixed-gear bike. Indoor training with a spin bike strengthens the hips, thighs, calves, abs, and shoulders. Just take a look at our prominent spin bikes Inspire Fitness IC2, Sole SB700 & Sole SB900.

Air Bikes

The air bikes are visually similar to upright bikes, but their functionality and the working mechanism are different. Here the bike has a fan which is located near the pedals that offer an air-resistance system. While pedalling, the fan adds wind resistance i.e., the harder you pedal, the greater is the resistance. To diversify your cardio workouts, then don’t forget to look at our durable and reliable Air bike Inspire Fitness CB1.

Cardio Strider

The only difference between the Cardio Strider from traditional bikes is the pedal doesn't move in 180° motion. It offers a low-step pedalling like a stair climber. The seating position is just similar to the recumbent bike with a comfortable seat and padded backrest. We have the low-impact Cardio Striders for effective cardiovascular training Inspire Fitness CS3.1, Inspire Fitness CS4.

Indoor Cycles

This is somehow similar to the upright bike but there are few differences. The handlebars are a little farther away from the seat that impels the rider to shift forward and it also allows users to stand while cycling. There is no heart rate monitor but a great bike for obtaining real road bicycling. Our Xterra Fitness MBX2500is the top-notch indoor pedal exerciser. Just have a look at it!

Why Need an Exercise Bike?

There is a list of reasons why you have to make use of exercise bikes.

Space-saving: Minimal design with smaller footprints occupies less space in the home gym and it can be easy to move around.

Promotes Cardio Fitness: Regulates blood sugar level, lowers bad cholesterol, stronger immune system, reduces stress & anxiety, improves the flow of blood & respiratory function and thus strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles.

Weight Loss: The high-intensity workout helps in the fast burning of calories that lead to fat loss and build strength in the body.

Strengthens Lower-body: The pedalling action helps in toning the hamstrings, calves and quadriceps and also the muscles in the core, glutes and back. That’s why cyclists and hill-climbing riders have amazing legs.

Strengthens Upper-body: Cycling with the handlebars by pushing and pulling, builds up the upper body muscles including biceps, triceps & shoulders.

Smart Design: Most exercise bikes have an effective interface to monitor the time, distance, speed and heart rate.

Low-impact: Due to their low-impact functionality, the pedal exercisers are great for people with bad knees and back pain issues.

Final Words:

Don’t have time for outdoor cycling? Still, need the best alternative? Then make use of the exercise bike as a bike simulator that will definitely increase the health benefits and help you in achieving your fitness goals. Exercising with various types of exercise bikes yields lower blood pressure, reduces back & knee pain, improved memory and brain functioning, better sleep, improved blood sugar levels, a stronger immune system, lower stress levels, and more energy. Based on the requirement, you have the liberty to choose an absolute one for you.

Still not engaged in any physical activity? Then, without any further delay, start your fitness training today with your favourite exercise bike!



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