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Sole SR500 Air and Magnetic Rower - Display Unit

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Product Description

Sole SR500 High Intensity Air And Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sole SR500 Rowing Machine How to Use


Engineered with heavy-duty and long-lasting materials, our seated Sole SR500 machine is the best choice for all fitness freaks. The high-tensile steel frame with a powder-coating layer ensures a smooth finish and an Aluminum monorail is sturdy to withstand maximum load capacity.

Sole SR500 Air Rowing Machine Benifits


The user’s workout performance can be effectively monitored with the 14cm Blue Backlit LCD Display of the SR500 sole rower. Obtain the real tracking of Distance, Speed, Time, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Strokes/min, Resistance Level and Watt. Based on the results from the display console, users can change or adjust their rowing level.

Sole SR500 High Intensity Magnetic Rowing Machine Workout


Obtain the dual mechanism rowing against air and magnetic power which has the finite advantages of a magnetic rower and also adds progressive air resistance. This SR500 sole machine allows for a quiet but intense workout that establishes more force to the muscle areas.

Sole SR500 Rower Machine for Sale Singapore


Our Sole SR500 rower for sale has 16 levels of resistance that can be simply adjusted by a twist of a button press. Based on the body’s versatility, the users can row against the resistance and it can be increased level by level. Rowing against increased resistance offers excellent cardiovascular fitness.

How to Use SR500 Rower Machine


The Sole Fitness SR500 rowing machine has a slightly tilted seat with a relatively high seating position that allows the user to get on and off with ease. The seat can be moved back and forth during rowing and it has a travel length of 99.1cm.

Sole SR500 Rower for Sale Singapore


The large, oversized pedals or footrest of the Sole Fitness SR500 ensures ultimate comfort and are adjustable to fit different heel angles. The large Velcro straps provide perfect fitted foot pedals for every foot size for proper movement.

What Does the Rower Machine Work


The up-folding design of the Sole SR500 high intensity air & magnetic rowing machine allows minimalist storage and occupies less space in your gym or home area. You can move the rower easily within your workout zone with the help of the transport wheels.

Benefits of Using a SR500 Rower Machine


Built with pivoting oversized adjustable pedals, ergonomically molded seat, non-slip foam grip handlebar, and rigid belt-driven system, the SR500 rowing machine provides a safe and comfortable workout session.


Brand Model

Sole SR500

Power Source

Wall Socket

Console Display

14cm Blue Backlit LCD Display

Resistance Type

Air & Magnetic Resistance

Resistance Levels

16 Electronic Levels

Seat Travel Length


Seat Travel Distance



Pivoting Footrest, Adjustable Large Velcro Straps


Pre-set Programs


Set-Up Dimension

246 (L) X 45.7 (W) X 97 (H) cm

Carton Dimension

169 (L) X 76.5 (W) X 33 (H) cm

Folded Dimension

130 (L) X 76.5 (W) X 190 (H) cm

Product Weight


Max. User Weight



All Parts

3 Months


3 Months



Generally, the best resistance type for a rowing equipment depends on the purpose of the rowers and who will be going to use it. If you have a lot of skills in rowing and want infinite resistance for your training, then resistance generated by air is the best choice. Otherwise, prefer magnetic rowers to train quietly by adjusting the resistance level.

Want to work on both resistance at a time? Our Sole air and magnetic rower is designed to offer both air and magnetic resistance simultaneously. This machine has up to 16 resistance levels and adjusts the value and work to meet your fitness goal.


In order to know the reasons for air comes with magnetic resistance, it’s better to know the benefits of each type separately. When it comes to air rowers, they are relatively light with no need for stamina to operate and allow to increase in resistance level up to the peak. But the only drawback is its sound. On the other side, magnetic rowers are very quiet and effective.

Air (Lightweight, easy to operate, and increased resistance) + Magnetic (Quiet operation) = Air + Magnetic Lightweight, easy to operate, increased resistance, and quiet operation

So, we combines these benefits and provides air and magnetic machine. If you want to enjoy your riding with all these features, then you need to buy this machine.


To increase and decrease resistance levels in rower machines, you need to know the level currently you’re in and your present heart rate. This is why the SR500 sole rower includes a 14cm Blue Backlit LCD Display to check the distance, speed, time, calories burned, heart rate, strokes per minute, watt, and resistance. Through this easy-to-access efficient display, users can up or down the resistance level based on their pulse rate.


Our well-talented team adds a slightly tilted seat with a fairly high seating position in the compact rowing machine, so it’s very easy to get in and out of the machine. In addition to that, the seat is also designed to move front and back during rides for up to 99.1cm. Accordingly, this is going to be the best choice not only for you but also for your family members too.


The up-folding design used in the foldable rowing machine allows it to fold in the up direction and store in a small area. However, it takes only less space in your home gym or room. Additionally, you can also transport this rower easily from place to place with the transport wheels. Therefore, allocate only a small space to accommodate our magnetic rowing machine.


Our rowers for sale are built to suit people of all sizes and shapes, so the maximum user weight capacity is 130kg. Thus, enjoy all your rides with your friends or family members.

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