Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set
Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells Full Set

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SKU: LP8004(2.5-25Kg)
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Product Description


Sold As Pairs (2.5 To 25kg)

The octagonal solid steel, rubber encased dumbbells represent the best in class, commercial grade dumbbells. The octagonal dumbbells feature a solid steel head with a durable, shock-absorbent rubber plating, fully over-moulded to the centre. The rubber casing protects the dumbbell and gym floors from damage caused by repetitive dropping. Each weight marking is permanently engraved into each dumbbell for easy visibility. The rubber coating comes in a beautiful matte finish. The combination of the rubber plating and textured finish make these dumbbells uniquely low-maintenance. Each precision machined handle on the octagonal dumbbell includes a medium-grade knurling for a firm but comfortable grip.


Size (32 to 50Kg) x 2

Size (2.5kg to 25kg) x 2

Price is for 1 pair (2 units per kg)

High quality Solid Cast Dumbbell

Solid Metal Chrome Finish Contoured Handles

Protects Floors & Equipment’s

Commercial & Home Use

premium rubber dumbbells


Our octagonal fixed dumbbells are made out of heavy-duty solid steel material that offers high strength and is not susceptible to hairline cracks and breakages. Hence it is highly durable, reliable and ensures an extended lifetime even after heavy workouts. The rubber-coated heads provide a matte finish that makes them look more professional and stylish.

premium rubber dumbbells 34kg


These octagonal dumbbells with an odourless exterior rubber casing have more tear-strength, impact resistance and shock absorbent feature. The dumbbells will not corrode, rust, and prevent damaging the floor & equipment caused by repetitive dropping. A perfect noise-proof free weight tool suitable for everyday use to achieve a more convenient & silent workout.

premium rubber dumbbells 30kg


The moulded end of these solid steel fixed dumbbells has clear, vibrant and eye-catchy weight markings that help the user in identifying each dumbbell among various weight distributions. This is a great advantage in switching between different weights or exercises and ensures a simple way of picking out the right weight without any confusion and time consumption.

premium rubber dumbbells set


This dumbbell set has a knurled ergonomic handle made of steel that offers extreme reliability, strength and will not break after repeated use. The chrome-plated & anti-slip texture increases friction and provides a secure and comfortable grip. The shell has three-layered electroplating that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

premium polyrubber dumbbells


From 2.5kg to 25kg, our fixed octagonal dumbbells offer a wide range of sizes in pairs that suit all fitness freaks from beginners to experienced. The lightweight dumbbells ensure a light body workout and the heavyweight ones to build extreme strength. A piece of versatile free weight equipment that can be used for both commercial and home use.


Brand Model

Livepro LP8004(2.5-25kg)


Premium Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells

Weight Range

2.5 to 25kg (2.5kg Increment)


Black & Blue

Sold As

Pair (2 Units Per kg)


3 Months




Yes, the 3-tier dumbbells rack is available.


Our octagonal rubber dumbbell full set is available in 2.5 – 25kg


Besides the shape, there is no difference in quality and usage. You can opt for the one as per your likes.


The dumbbells are coated with superior quality rubber material

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