Livepro Mini Fascia Gun - Portable Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
Livepro Mini Fascia Gun - Portable Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
Livepro Mini Fascia Gun - Portable Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Livepro Mini Fascia Gun - Portable Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

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Color: Blue

Product Description


Livepro Mini Fascia Gun - Tissue Muscle Massager

A multi-function muscle massager gun with 5 massage heads that helps in relaxing the fascia, relieves fatigue & soreness, releases fatigue, and promotes blood circulation. The powerful vibration releases muscle knots and calms the muscle by relieving pain. . It comes with a 5 different types of massage head that targets different parts of the body. A compact and handy device with USB charging design.

Key Features

Multi-Function Gun

A professional-grade massager gun that offers effective impact to the muscles. The powerful motor delivers deep and high penetration that helps in release build ups of fluids, alleviate muscle stiffness & soreness, promotes blood circulation, and prevents the inflammation caused by adhesion between fascia and muscle.

Adjustable Speed Levels

The high-torque, noise-free motor has 4 adjustable gear speeds providing targeted treatment on each muscle group. The maximum speed of this mini muscle massager gun is 3200rpm and the various speeds can be adjusted with the power button. The 4-LED indicator reflects the selected speed level of Gear 1- 1600rpm, Gear 2-2100rpm, Gear 3-2700rpm, Gear 4-3200rpm. The first 2 speed levels provide light massage for muscle awakening, 3rd level for breaking fluids & 4th level for deep massage.

Replaceable Massage Heads

Our fascia deep massage gun comes with 5 different massage heads that provide targeted treatment for muscle groups in different areas of the body. Based on the requirement, users can opt for the appropriate massage head. Here are the ergonomically designed massage heads and their uses.

  • Spherical Head : Spherical Head : Suitable for large muscle groups like Arms, Back, Waist, Abdomen, Calves, Thigh. This soft head is used to relax soft tissue and sensitive muscles.

  • Y-Shape Head : Y-Shape Head : Used for massaging the Neck, Shoulder, Cervical Spine & Achilles Tendon muscle group.
  • Bullet Shape Head : This head is ideal for trigger point massage as it concentrates on a small surface area. Best to impact deep tissues Meridians, Joints, Acupoints, Soles and Palms.

  • Flat Head : Suitable for relaxing whole-body muscles. Also used to massage flat muscles of the waist and back.

  • Thumb Shape Head :  Thumb Shape Head : Used for massaging soft tissues and relaxing various muscle parts such as Meridians, Joints and Palms.

Brand Model Livepro LP8513
Battery Capacity 2400mAh
Maximum Speed 3200rpm
Massage Gear 4 Adjustable Speed Levels
4-Gear Speed Gear 1 - 1600rpm,

Gear 2 - 2100rpm,

Gear 3 - 2700rpm,

Gear 4 - 3200rpm
Massage Heads 5 Different Types
Available Colors Blue, Black, Brown
Indicator Type LED

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