Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes
Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes
Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes
Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes
Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes

Livepro Free-Standing High Parallettes

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Product Description

Free Standing High Parallettes


Looking for the best at home or office functional fitness tool? Then looking no further, you can buy our pair of high parallettes. The dip stand station with stabilizing challenger bars is perfect for bodyweight resistance exercises. It is extremely versatile, stable, lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. Each bar features a durable solid foam grip to increase friction and minimize hand and arm fatigue. The ergonomically angled grips reduce strain and support proper form to rapidly sculpt arms, chest, shoulders and core.


Livepro Free Standing High Parallettes


The Livepro high parallettes provides uncompromising performance and reliability. The reinforced construction with safety connectors ensures maximum safety and makes these high parallettes a solid and sturdy option for push-ups and dips.

Livepro Free Standing High Parallettes Singapore


The solid and soft foam grips at the parallel bars increase friction and minimize arm and hand fatigue. It thus provides a strong grip while doing intense workouts as you are doing the exercises against your body’s weight.

Livepro High Parallettes


These two high parallel dip bars are sturdy enough to hold your body weight as it has anti-skid rubber feet. This base holds the bars in the workout position and furnishes a stable base for secure and safe exercises. Let’s do the all-around exercises as it is the cost-effective and essential tool in building the chest, triceps, back, arm and shoulders.

Livepro Free Standing High Parallettes for Sale


The Livepro parallettes has a cutting-edge design where the curved frames are moulded perfectly. The compact yet effective design lets the users store these bars in their home gym or any fitness zone as it occupies very little space.
These easy to assemble & disassemble bars can be carried out anywhere as you can grab these bars at any time at any place because of their compact and lightweight structure.


Brand Model

Livepro LP8161


Steel with Foam Handle




60 (L) x 40 (W) x 75 (H) cm





If this is the first time for you to start training on parallettes, then buying fitness high parallettes is the best way to start out, after that you can train in more challenging hand balancing steps. This is because working with low parallettes needs more challenging hand-balancing skills.


Yes, you can perform resistance training workouts for your body weight. Our dip stand station is perfect for bodyweight resistance exercises because it has stabilizing challenger bars. In order to perform resistance training, the ergonomically angled grips reduce the strain and support form to rapidly do arms, chest, shoulders, and core.


The Livepro free-standing high parallettes are made up of heavy-steel material and the top handles are finished with solid and soft foam. This design increases friction and minimizes arm and hand fatigue. Thus, you will get a strong grip while doing intense workouts where you’re doing exercises against your body’s weight.


The Generally, parallettes are good in the calisthenics training session and this is great for beginners to calisthenics. Instead of buying wooden parallettes, the metal tool is best for both home and commercial use that allows for a slight elevation than you get on the ground.

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