Inspire Dual Assisted Commercial Chin/Dip Machine
Inspire Dual Assisted Commercial Chin/Dip Machine
Inspire Dual Assisted Commercial Chin/Dip Machine
Inspire Dual Assisted Commercial Chin/Dip Machine

Inspire Dual Assisted Commercial Chin/Dip Machine

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Product Description


inspire fitness knee raise machine


Engineered with supreme quality and durable steel material, our Inspire Chin-up & Dip machine lasts long for years. There is no need to worry about any climatic damages, rust, corrosion, and scratches as the steel material is glazed with electrostatic powder-coating. The frames have a smooth-touch and classy external black matte finish.

Knee Raise Station Singapore


Either it is a back muscle strengthening pull-up operation or triceps & chest development exercise and dip workouts can be achieved effectively with our Inspire Dual Assisted Chin & Dip Machine. The Weight Stack Shroud has the weight stacks to perform functional training and the chin-up frame is used for performing bodyweight training. This will add more excitement to your daily fitness routine!

Inspire Vertical Kknee Raise Machine


The weight stack shroud has dual independent weight stacks that weigh 25kg, i.e., 2 x 25kg. This Dual Use machine can be used with or without weight stacks based on the user's fitness level. The rigid upper and lower attachment arm connects the shroud to the dip, chin-up section and thus facilitates the body weight and assists extra load of the weight plates. The upper and lower shrouds are made from metal and the middle one is of fabric. The assisted & weighted cables, guide rods, weight plates, counterbalance top weight are strong enough to perform safe workouts.

Vertical Knee Raise Machine


The high pulley point has multi-angle, unique close-grip handles to carry out both pull-up and chin-up exercises and thus provides both neutral and traditional hand grip positions. The low pulley point with the attached chain with a resistance band lets you perform effective resistance training.

Inspire Vertical Kknee Raise Machine


The special-shaped dual lower dip handles provide a variety of options for users, which can be adapted to kinds of training and different muscle groups. The weight-assisted knee pad slider that is made of high-grade Naugahyde can be engaged or disengaged for users who wish to use their entire body weight. The Up/Down Stair Steps or the Double level foot pedal allows for easy access while a machine-defined path of motion means then users can experience a safe, effective, and properly formed workout.

Vertical Knee Raise Machine


You never feel bored as this Dual Selectorized Machine has a built-in compartment for placing the mobile phone or tablet. So, you can watch or hear your favourite shows, music, and videos for engaging workout sessions. The top of the weight shroud has 2 bottle holders where you can quickly get your water and energy drinks when you feel really thirsty or tired. Start training your Arm, Shoulder, and Back Muscles with this dual-purpose machine and get a muscular physique!


Brand Model

Inspire DMCD1


Heavy-Duty Steel


Electrostatic Powder Coat


Matte Black

Weight Stack

2 X 52kg

Commercial Pads

Closed Cell Foam, Double-stitched High-Grade Naugahyde


Arms, Shoulders, Back


Set-Up Dimension

165 (L) X 127 (W) X 216 (H) cm

Optional Add-Ons

2 X 2.3kg Add-On Weights

Product Weight



Cables & Pulleys

1 Year (Including wear & Tear)

Upholstery & Grips

6 Months

All Other Parts

2 Years


1 Year



When comes to chin-ups, help to build the upper body by using your own body weight. Whereas, the dip aids in the development of muscle mass in the upper body. So, by having both a chin and dip in a single machine, you can able to exercise by your own body weight to build strength. This method also assists to do other exercises too.

These are the reasons for you to have a dip and chin in a single machine. Our commercial chin dip machine leads you to get all these features.


Yes, of course, you can able to perform exercises with weight stack in the dual-assisted chin dip machine. And, we offer 25kg of 2-weight stacks for you to train with weights, so no need of buying weight stacks outside. At the same time, you can use this dual machine with or without weight stacks based on your fitness level.


The high pulley point in the machine has multi-angle, and unique grip handles to carry out both chin-up and pull-up exercises. With the low pulley point with an attached chain and a resistance band, you can perform effective resistance training. Thus, you will get neutral and traditional hand grip positions in the dual chin and dip machine.


Ours inspire dual-assisted machine has a built-in storage area for placing mobile or tablets. So, you never feel bored and listen to your favorite music, or watch shows. The top of the machine has 2 bottle holders where you can store water and energy drinks to use when you feel tired or thirsty.



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