Liveup Bosu Home Trainer

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Liveup Bosu Home Trainer

Liveup Bosu Home Trainer

Product Description


The balance trainer is a widely used fitness-training device. consisting of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform, it is also referred to as the “blue half-ball”, because it looks like a stability ball cut in half. It also comes with a pair of resistance bands that can be attached to the bosu ball for resistance training.

The bosu ball can be used and incorporated into a wide range of exercises and fitness routines. Used correctly the bosu ball will strengthen the entire body and by incorporating cardio moves can help to raise your heart rate. the bosu ball is an excellent tool for losing fat and toning your body by improving your core strength and developing overall balance and muscle strength.

The bosu ball is half an exercise ball fixed to a firm platform. you can work out on either side – balance on the ‘ball’ side with the platform on the floor, or go for more difficulty by balancing on the platform with the ball on the floor. the bosu ball is an invaluable asset when training for balance. when using the bosu ball, your body is forced to recruit numerous core and stabilizing muscles in order to balance. this development of core muscles will improve strength and balance like no other exercise would allow.

The typical lunge is a great exercise for your legs and glutes. with the dome side up, simply do a lunge but land your foot on top of the dome. you can do this exercise with weights for greater intensity.

The bosu ball is a very flexible tool for workouts, used for press-ups, planks and weight training exercises, the only thing limiting your use of the bosu is your own imagination.

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