Livepro Covered Battle Ropes - 9m to 15m
Livepro Covered Battle Ropes - 9m to 15m
Livepro Covered Battle Ropes - 9m to 15m
Livepro Covered Battle Ropes - 9m to 15m

Livepro Covered Battle Ropes - 9m to 15m

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Style: 9m

Product Description

Battle Rope


(9m To 15m)

The Polyester covered Battle Rope assists you in upper body workout and muscle strength. It is durable as it is made of best quality material. The flexible design makes it easier to carry it everywhere.

It is used for pulling, climbing and versatile exercises.These swing ropes are available in 3 different lengths 9m, 12m & 15m. For explosive power and core exercises, training with these battle ropes increases the body’s strength and overall fitness in a faster way.

Battle Ropes


Our Livepro swing ropes are durably made with a bundle of polyester silk strands. In order to reduce the wear and tear resistance, the high strength material is rigid and soft enough to ensure smooth workout session. This is flexibly designed so it can be carried anywhere for your workout routine.

Different Rope Lengths


Our Livepro battling ropes comes in three different sizes of corresponding weights are as given,

9m / 7.2kg , 12m / 9.8kg, 15m / 10.2kg

Based on your fitness levels and requirement, you can pick the right one for you for a cosy and intense workout

Battle Rope Lengths


The heat-shrinkhandles of the Livepro ropes let you handle the ropes with comfort and non-slip grip. The extra-long handles ensure the long space to hold and hence prevents slipping due to sweats during intense workout times. The cloth cover wrap over the ropes gives extensive protection and extends the lifetime.