1.2m Weightlifting Bar
1.2m Weightlifting Bar
1.2m Weightlifting Bar

1.2m Weightlifting Bar

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Product Description


Length is 1.2m, grip diameter is 28mm, weight is 10kg, and each bar weight and size are precisely calculated and cut with weight tolerance of +/- 1%.

2.Quenching process

Made of A3 steel material with a tensile strength of 110k, which can improve material properties and have moderate elasticity and good fatigue strength after a specific heat treatment process and long-time use will not bend.

3.Knurling design

It adopts double knurling design, which is not only beautiful, but also can enhance the grip of the hand.

4.Straightening technology

Steel is deformed under the compound effect of thermal stress and tissue stress, and we will straighten the deformed products.


2 roller pins, 2 brass sleeves and barbell bar sleeve are rotated flexibly.


Weight capacity is 500lbs/227kg

7.Logo and warranty

Logo and weight are permanently pasted on both ends of the bar, which is durable, and not easy to wear and fade with a full 18-month commercial warranty.

8.Various scenes

Perfect for free strength training, office/home/gym and other scenarios.

Brand Model Livepro LP8054
Material Carbon steel
Length 120 cm
Weight 10 Kg
Weight Tested 227 Kg
Loadable Sleeve Length 17 cm
Grip Diameter 2.8 cm
Knurl Dual Knurling 1.2mm (0.05”)
Tensile Strength 110k PSI
Sleeve Rotation Needle bearing x 2 & bushing x 2

This 4′ Olympic Bar is 1.2 meters in length, which is also more suitable for beginners to train. Its material is high-quality alloy steel, with excellent strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The bar sleeve is electroplated to enhance the hardness. The electroplating treatment on the grip looks more beautiful and smooth, and the double knurling design on the grip effectively increases the friction between the hand and the bar to improve hand grip.

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