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The great advantage of using the Sled, Parallettes& Power Barbells is that they can be used to deliver a variety of functional training. Here you can see the collection of “Training Harness, Sled Harness Vest, Low Parallettes, High Parallettes, Gym Sled and VIPR Inspired Power Barbells”. The Sled pushes plays an important role in strength development, conditioning, burning calories, improving acceleration & speed. Parallettes are the piece of callisthenics equipment that involves training by transitioning between positions. It increases shoulder stability, balance, control, and overall body’s strength. The harness vest builds explosive power and speed by engaging the core and leg muscles. The VIPR Inspires Power Barbells combines strength and movement training that improves balance and flexibility. Don't wait any further! Make use of this affordable yet effective equipment to establish your fitness goal!

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