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Dyaco Elder Walking Treadmill
Dyaco Elder Walking Treadmill

Dyaco Elder Treadmill

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DYACO features includes Rotatable console, 2 levels handrail height, super low starting speed. Specifically designed for senior citizens
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The walking assist treadmill or the elder treadmill is has been particularly designed for the elderly or senior citizens for walking and/or rehabilitation; especially for users who require assistance in walking. It is ideal treadmill for both home and commercial entities where users require a low start-up speed, extended handrails and a low step-up platform.

The key feature of the elder treadmill is SAFETY! The user should not only be comfortable but feel secure and safe when using the treadmill.


Full Length Handrails

The most important feature of the walking assist treadmill is the distinctive full-length handrails. Most treadmills have either one-half or one-quarter handrails. The walking assist treadmill’s handrails cover the full length of the running belt for safety and support. Fully extended to the rear of the belt, the handrails also provide support during entry and exit from the deck of the treadmill.



Low Step Up Platform

The walking assist treadmill provides a low set up access to the treadmill, just 10cm off the ground. It is crucial for elderly users to step up onto the treadmill without fear of tripping or slipping. It also helps them to gain confidence in using the equipment.



Wide Running Belt

The running belt of any treadmill needs to be long and wide enough for the heaviest, tallest and fittest user and the width of the running or walking area is even more pertinent for the elderly. With a width of 51cm, the elderly treadmill offers more comfort, security and safety to the user.



Extra Large Emergency Buttons

The extra-large emergency buttons provide safe emergency stop for users with limited upper limb function. Unlike the normal treadmills, the walking assist treadmill has 2 large buttons, conveniently located on both sides of the handle bar. They are bright red colored for improved visibility.

For user safety, it is specifically designed to resist accidental contact and has a spring-loaded “twist reset” for reaming. A large red emergency button or the detachment of the safety lanyard worn by the user will stop the belt immediately for maximum safety.



Low Start Up Speed

The walking assist treadmill has a low starting speed and small, precise increments; a slow start speed of 0.2km/h and you can increase the speed in increments of 0.1km/h. The slow start is perfect for the elderly, seniors and for those looking to recover from injury.

The console is a vibrant 13.97cm blue back lit LCD display. It indicates all the important elements of your walking and workout, including Time, Speed, Distance, Pace and Calories Burnt. It also has preset buttons for the different speeds for ease of change of speed during your walking.

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