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LIVEUP Yoga Strap with Cinch Buckle
Yoga Strap with Cinch Buckle

LIVEUP Yoga Strap with Cinch Buckle

Our yoga straps are sturdy and durable and made of 100% cotton.

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Yoga straps are useful for yoga students at all skill levels. Whether your students need help maintaining proper alignment in postures, or need extra length to simply connect their limbs together when they are not strong or flexible enough to do so on their own, you will find these yoga straps are just what the doctor ordered. Our yoga straps are sturdy and durable and made of 100% cotton.



The yoga strap provides a secure grip for yoga postures to assist in extension and stretch without compromising form. It’s a wonderful accessory for all levels and especially beginners. yoga straps can be made from cotton or nylon; can be of different length and can have various type of buckles, such as plastic cinches or metal d-rings.


The adjustable buckle enables you to perform a wide range of stretches and resistance exercises by its ease of length adjustment. Ultimately picking a strap is a matter of finding one that fits your needs in terms of length and durability. Get deeper into stretches and hold any pose with this colorful yoga strap. It will help you reach limbs more easily and hold that pose longer, improving flexibility and your practice.

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