Why Should Buy a Treadmill from Sole Fitness Singapore.?Why Should Buy a Treadmill from Sole Fitness Singapore.?

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Why Should Buy a Treadmill from Sole Fitness Singapore.?

A treadmill is one versatile exercise equipment that fits all sizes and their needs i.e., you can do a full-body exercise since running activates almost all your body muscles. But it can get quite hard to use a treadmill every day, especially for those who don’t have a gym nearby their house or have limited treadmills in the gym. Moreover, in times like these when the pandemic is hitting the world hard, it is best not to step out of your house.

Does that mean you will have to stop exercising on a treadmill? Absolutely not! Why do it when you can have your own treadmill at home, the one you can use anytime you want? We understand that most of you have a budget to stick to, which is why we offer you a wide range of branded treadmills to choose from, all having varied features to support your exercising routine.

Top Treadmill Brands at Sole Fitness

Xterra Fitness

We have many models of the exceptionally durable and popular Xterra Fitness treadmills, including TR150, TR180, both of which are below $1000. Other models include I-Power Plus and TRX2500.

    • The Xterra Fitness TR150 treadmill is a perfect combination of quality and performance to fit the needs of the sportsman in you. Also, it is very flexible and can be easily folded up, making it easier to be stored anywhere in your house.
    • Xterra’s I-Power Plus treadmill offers the ultimate workout experience with a top speed of 16Km/Hr and 10 incline levels. Besides, it also has an easy-to-use console and an adjustable tablet holder for your convenience.
  • Xterra Fitness’ TRX2500 folding treadmill is an all-rounder. Whatever your goal is: to lose weight or train for your next big adventure, it has all of the tools you need at home.

Xterra Fitness treadmills are specifically designed while keeping the home environment in mind, incorporating many thoughtful features developed to maximize your performance and comfort.

Xterra Fitness Singapore

Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness Treadmills are built with utmost quality and the best part is that they are available at affordable prices so that you can save some money here and spend it wherever apt. Our models include Sole F60, F63, F80, F85, TT8 and TT8 AC among many others.

    • Sole F60 brings high-quality and value treadmills featuring a powerful 2.25CHP (5.5CHP peak) motor, and a large running deck.

    • Sole F63 treadmill (2020 Model) is ideal for those who are looking to get great quality at a lower price.
    • Sole F80 is perfect for a home workout since it has a long-lasting motor, and a cushioned deck to safeguard your knees.
    • The Sole F85 treadmill has a durable design to handle even the hardest workouts. It is one of the highest-rated foldable treadmills with some of the most innovative high-tech features.
    • Sole TT8 is a commercial treadmill meant for serious runners because it provides more options than conventional home treadmills. The best part: it costs almost half of any commercial treadmill.
  • Sole TT8 (AC) is another commercial treadmill from Sole. It is one of the top-rated treadmills which is increasingly gaining popularity because of its reliable and unique features.


Presenting Dyaco I-Walk DT520, the ideal Office Treadmill. As the name suggests, this treadmill is specially designed for office use and it is uniquely drafted with a tabletop that allows you to simultaneously use your gadgets and the treadmill.

  • Ideal for the ones who are always in a hurry and want to multitask while keeping themselves fit.
  • Durable, flexible, and strong build to last even the worst damages.

In addition to DYACO I-Walk DT520, the office treadmill, we also have DYACO Elder Treadmill for you. This treadmill includes a rotatable console, 2 levels handrail height, and runs at a super low starting speed, making it perfect for senior citizens.


We have STEX S21T Commercial Treadmill for you that is a smooth-running machine with a simple and stylish design that will enhance the enjoyment of your workout. STEX treadmills are widely known for their sleek design that brings comfort to your exercise, and this model is no exception.

  • STEX S21T has an easy and convenient LED display.
  • It is highly reliable and has a durable quality system.
  • Has smart features like a safety back cap, accessory holder, and smart stop function.
  • Get STEX S21T at a whooping low price of $6,999.

Why Sole Fitness Singapore?

Customer Service

Sole Fitness Singapore is very responsive and patient in addressing all queries from the time of enquiry to view the treadmill till the delivery of it. Our Team, also very experienced in assembling and installing the treadmill.

Quick and Easy Process

As they say, time is money; it indeed is. Sole Fitness understands how important your time is, which is why we offer quick and fast delivery options as per your comfort. We will make sure that your treadmill is delivered within 5 working days from the date of your order. Ideally, we deliver products between 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays so that you don’t have to reschedule your weekend plans.

Free Delivery & Installation

We also offer free delivery for all the orders costing more than $200. For order values less than $200, we only charge a $20 delivery fee. You don’t have to worry about the same since we will deliver your treadmill for free, which may be accompanied by a voucher code or automatic discount. All you need to do is place your order and we will take care of the rest: free delivery and easy installation.

Cash on Delivery

We accept cash payment upon delivery. Our Team will call you to schedule a delivery and installation, you can pay by cash.

Hassle-free Maintenance

The maintenance part of any equipment can get quite tricky, especially if it’s big and heavy. But worry no more as Sole Fitness has got you covered. We ensure that we deliver only high-quality products to our customers and offer seamless maintenance for the same. Our products come with a product warranty of several years to ensure that they don’t trouble you with any issues.

To make your experience even more pleasant, we have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that entitles the customer to the maintenance of the treadmill after warranty.

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