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Bodyweight training is the best tool for cardiovascular training, bodyweight exercises and plyometrics training. These are the wearable weights that can be worn during exercises and workouts for resistance training. Wearing the weighted vest during jogging, walking, rope-jumping boosts the calories burned and also increases strength and endurance. We offer a highly durable, waterproof, and comfortable “Weighted Vest, Iron Weight Vest, and Tactical Weight Vest” that helps improve posture, balance and body awareness. Also have “Adjustable Wrist Weights in the form of the band & Weighted Wrist Band” that add different levels of resistance to any lower and upper body movement. More than this, there are a lot more benefits in adding bodyweight to the fitness routine. Stop by here and see the collections!

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Ankle weights and wrist weights come in the form of bands or pouches with weights that help shape and tone your muscles.
The LIVEPRO Weighted Wrist Bands are attached to the wrists and ankles as an additional weight. The goal is an improvement in strength and endurance of the muscles to be trained.
Pro Weighted Vest is a perfect piece of equipment to increase the strength and reduce the body fat. Pro Weighted Vest is made of durable fabric foam, with double stitching and wide shoulders straps.
The 20Kg and 30Kg Iron Vests are adjustable vest allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of resistance utilizing 0.9Kg iron slabs that fit snugly inside pockets located on the front and back of the vest.
Live Pro vests are made of ultra-durable, waterproof 500D nylon and are uniquely designed to give the wearer a wider range of motion.
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