Wall-mounted Foldable Squat Rack   by Sole Fitness
Wall-mounted Foldable Squat Rack

Wall-mounted Foldable Squat Rack

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Wall-mounted Foldable Squat Rack

A fully retractable squat rack that is made from a heavy-gauge square steel frame includes two J-Hooks, 2 Safety Bars and a pull-up bar. The users can remove the pull-up bar after the workout and folding the sides back against the wall for minimal storage.

Key Features

Heavy-Gauge Construction

With a unique hinge & pin system, our wall-mount power racks are engineered with heavy-duty 11-gauge steel to obtain high stability, durability, and long-lasting usage. The precise laser-cut holes ensure maximum strength.



Our folding squat rack comes up with a wall-mount fixture where the rack can be mounted over the concrete walls. The rack can be folded inward or outward against the wall.


Fold Back Rack

The easy folding mechanism assists in quick locking and unlocking the support beams using detent pins that attach the rack to the wall. Both upright standing frames and vertical frames can be folded inward without overlapping.


Adjustable Height Levels

The westside hole spacing of the squat rack has laser pre-cut holes for different adjustable height levels. The J-Hooks can be adjusted & fixed to the required height for different exercise needs and stable & secure placement of the barbell or pull-up bar.


Two J-Hooks

The two J-Hooks at either side of the upright frames supports the rigid holding of the barbells and it can be adjusted to various heights. Made with thick layers of steel to withstand maximum load capacity.


Anti-Skid Feet

The bottom feet have rubber end caps that ensure stable standing as well as prevents the floor from damages. Also provides a non-slippery placement of the power rack on the floor during heavy workouts.Additional two long safety bars for barbell protection.


Spatial Efficiency

When stored away, the rack occupies less than 12cm of space from the wall. The detent pins in the foldback rack support convenient locking either in an open position for use and a closed position for storing.



This versatile equipment is not only compatible for doing barbell exercises but also for weight bench workouts. Different exercises like back squats, front squats, bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts, curls and heavy rows.


Check Out

LP6032: A heavy-duty lifting platform that has two rubber lateral sections and a central wood section. It has a rigging attachment for connecting the Power Rack for doing various free-weight barbell exercises. A great tool for Weightlifting and Powerlifting.



Bars and Weight Plates are not included in the package.

Brand & ModelLivepro & LP8890
MaterialHeavy-gauge Steel
Adjustable Height Levels14
Dimension 63(L) X 150(W) X 230(H) cm
Safety Catch Length 50cm
Folded Dimension 15(L) X 150(W) X 230(H) cm
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