Universal Storage Rack - Multipurpose Vertical Stand  by Sole Fitness
Universal Storage Rack - Multipurpose Vertical Stand

Universal Storage Rack - Multipurpose Vertical Stand

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Get rid of clumsy and cluttered space in your training zone with a universal storage rack that has multiple segregations to organize various gym add-ons. The most versatile and compact storage rack lets the user organize most of the gym accessories like exercise balls, gym balls, medicine balls, power bags, vinyl hand weights, kettlebells, exercise mats, and more. The sturdy and stable steel construction offers extreme durability, high strength, reliability even with heavy-duty usage.

Key Features:

Engineered with heavy-duty solid steel material, our storage rack offers ultimate durability, sustainability and lasts for years. The powder-coated finish gives a matte look and also protects the rack from scratches, corrosion and rust. Hence, this multipurpose functional rack is strong enough to withstand heavy load-bearing capacity.

Constructed with 5 different vertical planes, each can be used to store various fitness accessories like gym balls, ab slings, kettlebells, vinyl hand weights, power bags, resistance bands and more. The storage is not limited to explicit extras; hence any fitness freaks can store most of their gym accessories in this versatile all-rounder rack. 

On the rear-top of the functional storage rack, it has a mat hanger that is used for hanging different types of exercise mats. Based on the thickness of the mat, it offers bulk storage where users can store multiple mats. This hanger attachment assists in well-kept storage and prevents the mats from dust and damages. 

The evenly built stand base with multi-layered steel construction has a high weight to strength ratio hence there is no chance for sliding even if the weight distribution varies with each section. The middle tubular frame and holding plates on each rack is strong enough to hold the accessories and avoid falling off as it has the extended block support in front and the sides.

This versatile rack can be used for well-ordered storage of weight various fitness accessories and can be kept in the gym, garage or any fitness zone. The smart and easy acquirable design facilitates quick access of add-ons without much effort from users. Get rid of clumsy workout space and keep the plates organized within a small storage area.


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Livepro  LP8875


Heavy-duty Steel



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