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Therapy Resistance Band
Therapy Resistance Band

Therapy Resistance Band

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Live Pro Therapy Resistance Band come with five colour coded progressive levels of resistance.
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Therapy Resistance Band

These resistance bands are ideal for group exercise classes, strength and flexibility training, general fitness or workout and rehabilitation therapy. The workout possibilities are honestly, endless.

Extremely light and compact, the bands are easy to carry and take anywhere and will allow you to strengthen and sculpt both your upper and lower body while targeting both core and stabilizing muscles.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • 5 different strength grades

All Sizes200cm (78.7")


                            RESISTANCE TYPE                                       COLOR                                   STRENGTH
Xtra LightYellow2.2Kg (5Lbs)
LightGreen4.5Kg (10Lbs)
MediumRed6.8Kg (15Lbs)
HeavyBlue9Kg (20Lbs)
Xtra HeavyBlack11.3Kg (25Lbs)

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