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Super Band
Super Band

Super Band

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Live Pro Super bands come with five color coded progressive levels of resistance.
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LivePro Super Bands come with five colour coded progressive levels of resistance. It can be used as part of an exercise program for strength training, conditioning or rehabilitation.

It provides positive and negative resistance to the muscles to target every muscle fibre to improve strength and range of motion. The workout possibilities are endless and it is an ideal tool to gain strength through resistance training.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • 5 different strength grades

All Sizes208cm(81.8")


                                  RESISTANCE TYPE                                         COLOR                                    STRENGTH
Xtra LightYellow6-15kg (13-33 lbs)
LightGreen11-30Kg (24-66 lbs)
MediumRed15-38kg (33-83 lbs)
HeavyBlue22-57kg (49-125 lbs)
Xtra HeavyBlack30-80kg (66-176 lbs)

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