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Steel Plyometric Box
Steel Plyometric Box

Steel Plyometric Box

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The plyometric box derives its name from “Plyometrics” which refers to an exercise in which muscles exert maximum force with a short period of time.
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Steel Plyometric Box

The commercial steel plyometric boxes perfect tools to build power and strength in the lower body, usually popular for sports such as rugby, basketball and soccer. These plyometric boxes are designed to build power & speed in your legs with their box jumps and step ups.


Each box is constructed of 2.5 cm square steel tubing. Unlike wood or other plyometric boxes, these heavy-duty steel boxes can tolerate the heaviest of loads without breaking or bending. The top platform features a non-slip & high grip rubber-landing surface to help maintain grip on box landings and prevent injury. The non-slip surface is very handy when performing high repetitions of box jumps. The tubes are tapered and the base is wider than the top for stability and easy stacking for storage.


The steel plyometric box are available in 5 different heights: 30.4, 45.7,60.9,76.2 cm and 91.4cm.Depending on you training goals, and fitness levels the boxes can be used singly or in a group to create a jumping challenge course or create opportunities for multiple users at once.

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