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Sole SB700 Spin Exercise Bike
Sole SB700 Spin Exercise Bike

Sole SB700 Spin Exercise Bike 2020 Model

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The SB700 Spin Bike is the epitome of Sole’s products, allowing users to experience both indoor and outdoor exercising in one solidly made machine. Its 22kg flywheel provides better inertia, while the integrated console tracks heart rate.
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The sole SB700 is a commercial quality spin bike that is made for use in the home as well as the gym. Designed for intense spinning style classes, the sole SB700 Exercise Bike is great for people who want to take their workouts to the next level. The quality of the build is amazing with nicely finished welds holding the thick steel frame together.

Sole pride themselves on building ergonomic bikes with only the highest quality materials and with this bike this certainly seems to be the case. It comes with a heavy flywheel with continuous manual tension to provide smooth rides and varying resistance to push against as you do your workout. The SB700 is a solid bike that does not bend or flex even under the highest loads and gives you comfortable and smooth ride. If you do not have the time to go to the gym or train outdoors, this training bike will make sure you are conditioned for your next race!


Designed for commercial use, the SB700 boasts of a heavy-duty frame that can very easily sustain vigorous cycling motions. Its heavy-duty frame is constructed using 2 mm oval steel tubing and an aluminium shroud which is robust enough to stand up to tough spin workouts.


Heavy Duty Flywheel

The flywheel is the key to a smooth and fluid ride and a heavy flywheel ensures a very steady ride with absolutely no shaking or wobbling. The SB700 has a 22kg chrome-plated heavy duty flywheel that provides a smooth workout that is vibration-free, no matter how hard or fast you pedal.

With a solid piece of metal as the flywheel, the bike is as silent as a spin bike can be. It smooths out the choppiness to generate an extremely smooth riding experience, without the jarring pedal action when you change the resistance. Similar to outdoor bikes, its takes incremental effort to get the flywheel started at low resistance levels and then builds up the momentum for a proper workout.


Variable Resistance

The SB700 provides variable resistance that can be adjusted with a convenient resistance knob located under the handlebar. This feature makes it suitable for use by beginners to advanced level exercisers to vary their workout. The bike is equipped with a friction-resistance Kevlar braking system which is reputed for its whisper quiet cycling motions. The resistance is applied by the Kevlar pad which is made from bullet proof material reducing the wear and tear in the long run.


Comfortable Adjustable Seat

The Sole SB700 Fitness bike has generously padded seats which follow body contours to ensure maximum comfort of the rider while absorbing shock. Thickly padded, its gel seat provides plenty of cushioning so you will be able to work out for longer without feeling discomfort.

The seat is fully adjustable that moves up and down as well as forward and back, allowing users to find the most comfortable seating position throughout their ride.


Adjustable Easy Hand Grip Handles

The Sole SB700 has textured, padded handlebars that enable you to grip them securely and comfortably, even if your hands are wet with perspiration. The handlebars can be set further forward or back, providing a comfortable workout for users short or tall.



The Sole SB700 features oversized pedals for user comfort. Straps are included to help prevent slipping. The bikes pedals have 2 degrees of slant that supports optimal alignment during workouts thus preventing aches in the riders knees and feet.


Transport Wheels

Transport wheels set into the front of the bike enable it to be wheeled to a different location, if required.


Sturdy yet lightweight bike perfect for home and light commercial use

Integrated console makes tracking progress toward goals easier than ever

Flywheel and braking design provide the smoothest ride for a bike of this class

Unmatched durability with a lifetime warranty on the frame

Seat, handlebars, and pedals are adjustable to all heights

Bright backlit LCD display shows real-time information including time, distance, kCal, heart rate, and much more

Dial allows for smooth resistance adjustment like a regular cycle

Wireless chest strap provides instant workout information for tracking progress (not included)

Pad resistance and flywheel make bike operation whisper quiet

Easy-adjust seat, pedals, handlebars and toe caps make your hard workout comfortable


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