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 Soft Foam Plyometric Box
Soft Foam Plyometric Box

Soft Foam Plyometric Box

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The plyometric box derives its name from “Plyometrics” which refers to an exercise in which muscles exert maximum force with a short period of time.
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Our incredibly versatile soft ply box set is perfect for developing explosive strength. The lightweight yet stable foam core creates a slight impression in the surface when it appears, which guarantees perfect stability when standing. In addition, the light weight ensures fast handling.

Each box can be stacked and secured by strong Velcro attachments. Each box has strips of Velcro along both the top and bottom surfaces to enable stacking and to prevent the boxes from slipping during use.

Handles on the boxes allow for quick repositioning. Flaps with Velcro style hooks and loop fasteners provide stability and prevent the boxes from separating during use with one another.


  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip            


MaterialHigh density EVA foam
Base Area 91.4 (L) x 76.2 cm (W) (36” x 30”)

                                                                                   SIZE                                                              HEIGHT
XS 7.5cm (3”)
S15.0cm (5.9”)
M30.0cm (11.8”)
L45.0cm (17.7”)
XL60.0cm (23.6”)

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