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Soft Expander Tube
Soft Expander Tube

Soft Expander Tube

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The Soft Expander Resistance Tubes adds spice and creativity to your work
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Building muscle and getting fit can be a lot of fun. the soft expander resistance tubes adds spice and creativity to your workout. soft expander resistance workouts increase the intensity, challenge and benefits of the exercise. along with building muscles and gaining strength it also enhances your ability to maintain balance and posture. you can choose from three options of light, medium or heavy for the type of heavy resistance for a superior workout.


The soft expander is a resistance band with a figure 8-design that can be used for both strength and rehabilitative training. the figure 8-design helps to increase resistance for improved flexibility, strength and stamina with a variety of exercises.


The soft expander has a tubular shape that is connected in the middle and has a comfortable padded handle for comfortable use. materials used durable and flexible, does not cause allergy and odorless.


Lightweight and portable, the soft expander resistance tubes can be taken anywhere and offer an alternative to heavy and large weights.

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