LIVEUP Rubber Olympic Plates
Rubber olympic plates

LIVEUP Rubber Olympic Plates

The Rubber Tri-Grip Weight Plates are designed to make lifting and loading weights onto bars easier. They features a durable and hard wearing rubber coating that encases the steel weight inside. The Rubber Olympic Weight Plates have a hole in the center of each disc of just over 5cm thick enabling them to be used on Olympic Lifting Bars

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Tri-Grip Olympic Weight Plate

Built with a solid cast iron metal core encased in a heavy-duty rubber coating, the tri grip weight plates have been expertly designed for high level performance to withstand highly repetitive usage for even the most hardened of weightlifting enthusiasts.

Ergonomically Enhanced Tri-grip Handles To Maximise Comfort And Control

Each handle is designed with ergonomically enhanced finger grips, enabling users to gain control and stability when lifting. Unlike a dumbbell, an upright tri-grip plate lift forces the forearm and wrist to work harder to increase grip strength.

Rubber Coated Shell For Floor Protection

The rubber olympic weight plates are specifically designed to protect the flooring from impact damage caused by plate drop pages.

The olympic rubber tri-grip weight plates feature a 5cm insert hole designed for use with olympic barbells and handles. Unlike the standard 3cm insert barbells, olympic bars are built to handle increased weight loading, enabling continuous strength gains.


  • Weights available: 1.25Kg / 2.5Kg / 5Kg / 10Kg / 20Kg / 25Kg
  • Suits all standard barbells / dumbbells
  • Rubber coating for superior rust protection
  • Tri-grip handles for easy grip, loading & unloading
  • Solid steel precision hub
  • Smooth rubber finish


Brand & ModelLiveup LS2122-O
TypeOlympic Plates
Insert TypeStainless Steel
Insert Diameter5cm
Surface CoatingRubber
Sold AsPair (1 x 2 Units)
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