Rotational Suspension Trainer  by Sole Fitness
Rotational Suspension Trainer

Rotational Suspension Trainer

The Live Pro rotational suspension trainer allows your workout to be on a multi-planar level and can be used at almost any angle for both upper and lower body exercises.

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The Rotational Suspension Trainer allows the user to rotate in any direction. It helps you develop strength, balance and flexibility of the entire muscular system and joints. The anti-slip grip in the Rotational Suspension Trainer ensures your safety. This Rotational Suspension Trainer is user-friendly and allows the user to workout leisurely.



The Rotational Suspension Trainer is very well built and it ensures users comfort. The elasticity in the soft nylon strap makes it easier for the user to workout cosily. It is long lasting and is more resistant and strong enough to rely on.


The non-slip grip in the Rotational Suspension Trainer ensures safety. The foam handle is soft and is skin and user friendly, it keeps the skin away from hurts. The D-ring is strong and increases the stability. It is easily portable and can be carried anywhere.


The Rotational Suspension Trainer assists you in wide range of exercises to increase your resistance, functional strength, core activation and stability. It has the ability to move in multiple directions as the human body not only moves forward and backward but side to side and also rotate.


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Livepro LP8165




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