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Roller Massage Bar
Roller Massage Bar

Roller Massage Bar

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Roller Massage Bar
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The massage bar is the perfect tool for performing deep tissue massage, trigger point and sports massage therapy to the parts (Neck, Parts of inside of thighs) that are challenging with a regular foam roller or grid foam roller.

High quality massage bar. Massages exhausted muscles to stimulate tissue and promote blood flow.


How It Works:

Use the massage bar to relieve tightness and promote blood flow through tired, sore muscles. The specially designed massage rollers deepen the massage and help compress and stretch muscles making it highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and stiffness.

Deep Tissue Massage for foot, calf, legs, IT band, sciatica, back & shoulder.

Very efficient for relieving the pain such as shin splints, restless leg syndrome & tennis elbow.

Release muscle tension and stimulate muscles for better circulation which increases mobility and flexibility of your body.

Use it for pre exercise to prevent the injuries and post workout for fast recovery.

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