A Single Pro for Compound Exercises!

For targeting both larger muscles as well as smaller stabilizing muscles, resistance band training is an effective yet simple workout. Available in different colours representing various pre-set resistance levels. We have different types of resistance bands that includes “Therapy Resistance Band, Mini Loop Band, Toning Tube, Hip Band, Super Band '' which is an active participant in muscle stretching suitable for athletic performance or physical therapy. Involves a lower amount of force on joints hence chance of injury is less. By using these strength bands, different types of exercise can be carried out both in vertical and horizontal planes of motion. The pressure on the muscles while training with resistance bands increases the flexibility. A versatile, affordable and multi-purpose exercise band that adds more workout options to the fitness routine.

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Live Pro Super bands come with five color coded progressive levels of resistance.
Live Pro Therapy Resistance Band come with five colour coded progressive levels of resistance.
The Toning tube can be used everywhere, in the studio, at home and on the road when travelling. Everyone can use the tube, no matter if beginner or professional
The ultimate resistance band for stretching and strengthening exercises of the leg and hip muscles. You can optimize your workout with 4 different strengths and improve your fitness level.
The resistance band exercise loops are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program
The hip band will help cue fitness buffs and athletes alike to perform proper form while training.
The live pro multi-use hanger is a simple and efficient storage option to keep your training space clean and neat.
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