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The Live Pro Massage Peanut Ball is the optimal training device for self-massage.
The LIVEPRO Massage Ball is specially designed for the gentle relaxing massage experience.
Targeted Cold Rolling Massage Therapy helps reduce joint inflammation and muscle pain
Targeted Cold Rolling Massage Therapy helps reduce joint inflammation and muscle pain
The LIVEPRO Massage Ball with ergonomically shaped surface acts on the tense muscles from different points of attack.
A perfect combination of massage balls with comfortable ergonomic padded grip handles.
The LIVEPRO Foot Massage Ball has been specially developed for the improved mobility of foot and ankle.
The Calf Raise Block made of high quality wood aids to prevent injury by stretching your tight calves and improve your core strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, reflexes and stamina.
The grip ball is a great physical therapy tool and is excellent for strengthening and improving your hand muscles
The double Lacrosse Ball helps to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from pain.
The mini therapy ball is a uniquely peanut-shaped ball to support the spines and lower legs.
The density of each ball varies so that you can use a different ball depending on the area of your body to which you wish to apply pressure.
The pro hand / finger grip is an effective tool to develop superior strength, endurance and coordination in your hands by isolating and challenging each finger individually.
This Club Fit adjustable hand & finger exerciser is a lighter version of the adjustable power hand grip,
The Power Wrist Exerciser enables you to perform regular and reverse wrist curls to build arm strength and muscles.
The pedal exercise can be used on a tabletop as an arm exerciser or on the floor to exercise the legs.
This Mini Stair Stepper is high quality exercise equipment offering not only a full cardio workout but also the strengthening of your muscles, especially the inner and outer thighs.
The Massage Bar is a great tool to stimulate blood flow and tired muscles pre-workout and added relief on aching muscles post-workout.
The 2-Rollers massage handle is a highly effective tool in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points as it segment ally compresses and stretches muscles.
The massage rope can be used on any part of the body, such as: hip, waist, back, shoulder, legs, arms, and feet.
The spikey balance pad is a non-slip Half-Dome Shaped ball that helps to combine balance training and motor skill development.
Safe and versatile core training tool that helps to develop core muscle groups while improving posture and balance.
The shape of the board makes it a perfect choice for skiers, surfers, boarders and other athletes. Even serious athletes love the reaction skills and tricks they can master on this trainer.
The Live Pro Balance Board is suitable for balance training, coordination and reaction ability, as well as posture stability training.
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