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Either sustained a physical injury or the body’s level of adaptability decreased or it may be a recovery from illness? No Worries! Here are our great collections of rehabilitation and wellness tools like “Acupoint Foam Roller, Muscle Roller Ball, Mini Fascia Gun, Foot Massage Ball, Therapy Massage Peanut Ball, Targeted Massage Ball, Massage Cushion, Cold Compression Roller, Cold Peanut Compression Roller, Yoga Foam Roller, Spinal Adjustment Tool, Wooden Calf Block, Vibration Foam Roller, Pedal Exerciser” that can be used for making rehab exercises easier and more fun. The various types of massage rollers & guns enhance the effectiveness to aid in your recovery and flexibility before and after weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, jiu-jitsu, running, cardio, or any other exercise. Its powerful motor delivers high-penetration relief and helps roll out tightness to make sure your body is prepared to excel and remain injury-free. The punctual trigger point massage using a massage ball releases tension and improves blood circulation.

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The LIVEPRO Massage Ball is specially designed for the gentle relaxing massage experience.
The Calf Raise Block made of high quality wood aids to prevent injury by stretching your tight calves and improve your core strength, agility, flexibility, mobility, reflexes and stamina.
The Live Pro Massage Peanut Ball is the optimal training device for self-massage.
The LIVEPRO Foot Massage Ball has been specially developed for the improved mobility of foot and ankle.
The LIVEPRO Massage Ball with ergonomically shaped surface acts on the tense muscles from different points of attack.
Targeted Cold Rolling Massage Therapy helps reduce joint inflammation and muscle pain
Targeted Cold Rolling Massage Therapy helps reduce joint inflammation and muscle pain
This product is used by lying on it and activates all the discs of the spine (vertebra) in turn.
A mini, multi-function massage gun provides accelerated pressure into the tissues that relaxes deep muscles and promotes blood circulation.
The pedal exercise can be used on a tabletop as an arm exerciser or on the floor to exercise the legs.
Foam rollers are ideal for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Trigger points are specific “knots” that form in muscles
Used by professional athletes, fitness trainers and physical therapists around the world, the vibration foam roller helps the pros excel and reach peak performance levels
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