Urethane Training Plates

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Product Details

Brand LivePRO
Model No. LP8020
Type Tri-Grip Weight Plates
Sold as Pairs
Warranty 24 Months

Plate Specs

Plate Material High quality gray cast iron
Surface Coating Durable impact resistant urethane
Insert Type Stainless Steel
Insert Diameter 50 mm
Color Black

What are the Urethane Training Plates?

Urethane Training Plates make for lasting performance and durability in the most demanding of commercial training environments. Each weight is fully encapsulated in impact resistant polyurethane that is odor free and will not crack, fade or peel.

Urethane not only protects the product it is coating but also gym floors and surrounding gym equipment, as well. Barbell grip plates add an element of safety and reduced liability in commercial gyms.

Each Urethane Training Plate plate includes three Tri-Grip slots that allow the user to fully grasp each plate with both hands while loading or unloading weight bars and plate loaded machines. Grip handles are round with finger indentations combined with a manageable diameter all making for easier maneuverability for any size hand.

Why Urethane Weight Plates are superior to Rubber Weight Plates:
  • Does not have an odor -- like rubber, and has a non-tacky, smooth feel.
  • Has higher tear strength than rubber.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Comes with longer warranty.
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Full Commercial Rated - Commercial Clubs, School Weight Rooms and Training Studios
  • Plate Material: High quality gray cast iron
  • Plate Coating: Durable impact resistant urethane
  • Urethane is odor free and will not crack, fade or peel
  • Grips: Slotted grips included in all sizes of plates for easy loading and offloading
  • Grip Handles: Grip handles are rounded and slotted for comfortable sure grip
  • Weight numbers are permanently molded into each plate (Kg)
  • Solid steel hub insures precision fit on Olympic bars
  • Cuts down noise and vibration during workouts
  • Great for barbell and weight machine training, gaining strength and adding muscle


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