Urethane Competition Bumper Plates

Sold as Pairs

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Product Details

Brand Live Pro
Model No. LP8021
Type Competition Bumper Plate
Sold as Pairs
Warranty 24 Months

Plate Specs

Plate Material Hard Chrome
Surface Coating Premium Urethane
Insert Type Stainless Steel
Insert Diameter 50.40mm
Color 5kg(Yellow) / 10kg(Green) / 15kg(Red) / 20kg(Blue) / 25kg(Black)

What are the Urethane Competition Bumper Plates?

The Urethane Competition Bumper Plate Discs are the highest quality bumper plates as they ar manufactured under the most stringent quality controls. They are exceptionally durable plates  with large hard chrome hub and premium urethane surface coating. They are ideal for producing a consistent dead bounce on the drop and maintaining the long term integrity of the plate. The design of the single piece 140mm hard chrome insert also allows easy loading on the bar reduced friction on the sleeves.


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