Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

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Product Details

Model LP8057
Type Olympic Bar
Warranty 12 Months

Bar Specs

Total Length 206cm
Bar Weight 9kg
Sleeve Length 36cm
Grip Diameter 1"
Weight Capcity 100kg

What is the Olympic Swiss Bar?

The Olympic Swiss Bar was developed mainly for bench-press and log press, but it has proven more versatile than that. The large variety of angled grips makes this a very versatile bar for bench and overhead press and rowing and triceps extensions. The Swiss Bar is also ideal for the Military press, Skull Crushers, Hammer Curls and Stiff Leg Dead Lifts.

The Swiss Bar can be used when niggling injuries slow the progress of your heavy bench press, shoulder press or rows. The range of angled grips can be just the thing to take stress of the injury and allowing you to recover while still continuing your work out sessions.

This Olympic multi-function Swiss Bar allows a neutral hand position on presses, curls, and extensions, rather than the traditional Olympic Bar, which tends to deliver more stress to the shoulders. The variety of grip angles allows you to target different muscles from different angles and so balances out your muscle groups.

The 12kg total weight of the bar is in line with a traditional Olympic bar to make it easier to transition between the two. Over-all length is 209cm (82.25inches) to fit most traditional racks and the four different grip positions are 15cm, 34cm, 56cm and 76cm apart. The sleeves are 36cm in length.


  • Solid Steel construction.
  • Over-all length, 209cm (82.25inches).
  • Weight, 12kg.
  • Length of sleeves, 36cm.
  • Suitable for Olympic weight plates.
  • Spacing of grips, 15cm, 34cm, 56cm, 76cm.


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