Inspire Smith Machine

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Product Features

Brand Inspire Fitness
Model SCS1-02
Type Smith Machine

What is the Inspire Power Rack with Smith Attachment?

The Inspire Fitness Smith  Attachment is designed to be used with the Inspire Fitness Power Rack. The Smith Attachment securely bolts onto the Power Rack and comprises of an Olympic barbell and a steel bar bearing system.

The Smith System is one of the safest options available when it comes to weight training with its precision steel ball bearing system as it provides for a smooth maintenance free barbell motion through the full range of the workout. It is also equipped with solid chrome guide poles for enhanced durability and safety catches at each end of the bar that engage into the catches with a twist of the wrist.

Structure and Features

Sturdy Frame: Heavy Duty 2 x 4" Oval 3" Round 11 Gauge Tubular Steel
Powder Coated Finish: Two Tone Electrostatic Durable Maintenance Free Finish
Olympic Barbell
Solid Chrome Guide Poles
Precision Steel Ball Bearing System
Wrist Twist Safety Catches
Barbell Catches: Front & Rear
Additional Safety Bars
Adjustable Chin Up Bar

Set Up Dimensions

Dimensions; 132(L) * 193.5(W) * 205(H) cm
Product Weight: 121kg
Olympic Barbell Length: 193.5cm

Upgrade Options

The Power Rack with the Smith Attachment can be converted into a fully functional operational Smith and Cage Machine with the following upgrades:

SCS Bench
SCS Leg Attachment
SCS Preacher Curl Attachment
SCS-2 (Weight Stacks, Pulleys, Cables, 2 Pair Handles & Pull-Up Assist Strap)


Inspire Fitness is a division of a larger company Health In Motion LLC. This is a specialty company that develops, designs, and manufactures high quality fitness equipment through its Inspire Fitness division. Health In Motion LLC. was originally created in 2002, with the Inspire Fitness division being launched in 2004.This company was originally created to manufacture high end patio swings and other relaxation swings, they introduced their Inspire Fitness division to specialty fitness retailers in 2005 at the Denver Health & Fitness Show. Here, they introduced multi gyms as well as other accessories and feature that go along with this machine. Then in 2008 the Inspire Fitness was introduced to the UK & Europe and our products are sold by leading specialty fitness stores both online and in showrooms Nationwide.



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