Inspire Multi Gym M2

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Product Features

Brand Inspire Fitness
Model Multi Gym M2
Weight Stack 160lb (73kg) - Commercial Weight Stack
Set-Up Dimension 182(L) * 122(W) * 198(H) cm
Installation Included

Product Warranty

Main Frame 10 Years
Moving Parts 2 Years
Cables 2 Years
Pads & Grips 1 Year
Upholstery 6 Months

Awards and Reviews

".....Love it! Unit is very stable and extremely smooth, though I have long legs and wish the seat at it's lowest position was a couple of inches higher off the floor. Love the flexibility like a professional gym....


The M2 Multi Gym is designed to offer maximum function in a minimum footprint. It represents all of the capability of a multi weight stack gym in a compact, single stack, forward design. With two tone high gloss paint and orthopedic pads, the M2 is not only highly functional; it's a sight to behold. Whether you are a beginner, an athlete or a seasoned weight lifter, the M2 will motivate you with its looks and performance and take you to your goals in record time. For maximum benefit in a minimum amount of time, the M2 is the answer. With its commercial 11 gauge steel frame, nylon pulleys, 2000lb. tensile strength cables and precision ball bearings, the M2 Multi Gym is your answer for the maximum benefit in a minimum amount of time. The M2's unique press arm offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements.



Vertical Fixed Bench Press

1.) Sit upright with your back supported by the back pad.

2.) Hold the fixed handles at chest height, adjust the seat, if needed.

3.) Press the handles forward until your arms are fully extended.

4.) Slowly return to the starting position.


Inward Shoulder Press

1.) Sit leaning forward with your buttocks against the back pad.

2.) Hold the fixed handles slightly above shoulder height.

3.) Press the handles at an upward angle until your arms are fully extended.

4.) Slowly return to the starting position.


Triceps Push Down

1.) Attach the easy curl bar to the high pulley.

2.) Stand facing towards the machine.

3.) Grip the bar with your hands 4" to 6" apart, palms facing forward.

4.) Bring the bar to chest height. Keep your arms tight against your body, and push the bar down slowly.

5.)Slowly return to the starting position.



  Triceps Extension

   1.) Sit on the seat your back supported by the back pad.

   2.) Grip the strap handles from the middle pulley behind your head. Keep your elbows close  to the side of your head.

   3.) Push the handle forward until your arm is fully extended.

   4.) Slowly return to the starting position.



Inspire Fitness is a division of a larger company Health In Motion LLC. This is a specialty company that develops, designs, and manufactures high quality fitness equipment through its Inspire Fitness division. Health In Motion LLC. was originally created in 2002, with the Inspire Fitness division being launched in 2004.This company was originally created to manufacture high end patio swings and other relaxation swings, they introduced their Inspire Fitness division to specialty fitness retailers in 2005 at the Denver Health & Fitness Show. Here, they introduced multi gyms as well as other accessories and feature that go along with this machine. Then in 2008 the Inspire Fitness was introduced to the UK & Europe and our products are sold by leading specialty fitness stores both online and in showrooms Nationwide.


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