Inspire Functional Trainer FT1

The Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer - Freedom of Motion - Any Direction, Any Plain.

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Product Features

Brand Inspire Fitness
Model Functional Trainer FT1
Weight Stack 160lb(73kg) - Dual Weight Stacks
Set-Up Dimension 137(L) * 119(W) * 207(H) cm
Installation Included

Product Warranty

Main Frame 10 Years
Moving Parts 2 Years
Cables 2 Years
Pads & Grips 1 Year
Upholstery 6 Months

The Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer:

The Inspire FT1 gives you the smoothest feel while allowing allows you to train in any direction or plain with weight resistance. Being unrestricted in the direction of exercise is designed to allow you to train the way your body naturally moves with the option of single handle or barbell style exercise using the customized commercial grade attachments that come with the machine. Most of the exercises are freestanding and force you incorporate your core, secondary and stabilising muscles, which gives you a more complete workout.

The Inspire FT1 is perfectly designed for athletes and sportspeople looking to perform more specialized and sports specific movements this allows the user to strengthen targeted areas of the body related to the sport being trained for Functional trainers can be used to increase coordination with the freestanding and balanced style of exercise stamina or just lose weight and tone.

Key Features:

The Frame: A mixture of heavy duty rectangular and round tube steel.

Powder Coated Finish: Electrostatic powder coating give a high sheen, durable, and low maintenance finish.

Instructional Chart Book: Demonstrates over 40 exercises with photos mounted in an easy position on the machine.

Selector adjustments: You can use one hand to adjust high to low pulley system to more than 30 height positions to cater for all directions of exercise motion.

Dual Weight Stacks: The dual weight stacks are independent and allow you to workout both sides of your body for balance and stability.

Split Resistance: 0.5 ratio resistance delivers smooth and continuous feel. The range of motion is longer which gives more versatility in exercise.

The Weight Stacks: 2 x 160 lb commercial weight stacks are centre drilled weight plated for stability and balance and the guide rods are solid steel to minimize vibration and add to the complete smoothness.

Rotational Accessory Display:  Is designed to allow you to grab the large range of accessories quickly and easily. Also provides perfect storage to keep things neat and tidy.

Included Accessories: Multi-Functional Belt, EZ curl bar and a straight bar (both dual attachable, an ankle strap, swing Handle ( also know as sports Handle), Commercial Tricep Rope, 2-single Handles, and 2 x 5 lb incremental add-on weights.

Optional Accessories: Inspire FID bench, 50 lbs weight stack upgrade ( FT1 requires 2 x 50 lb stacks for both sides), a preacher curl attachment, and an Abdominal Bar.

Built Dimensions in CM: 138 wide x 120 depth x 207 High

Built Dimensions in cm with Optional FIDB:  138 wide x 211 Depth  x 207 High.


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