Inspire Cardio Strider CS3

CS3 Cardio Strider - The King of Low Impact Training The unique linear path of the CS3 pedals greatly reduce knee sheer while still engaging all of the user's leg muscles and glutes.

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Key Specifications

Frame Type Aluminized steel
Model CS3.0
Display Bright Blue Backlight LCD
Resistance Type Adjustable friction
Resistance Range Less Than 20
Pedal Type wide
Set-Up Dimensions Length 59" x Width 34"
Product Weight 187 (lbs.)

What is the Cardio Strider CS3.0?

The Cardio Strider is the perfect addition to the user who either does not want to or simply cannot run. By taking the weight of the body the Inspire Cardio Strider creates an impact free workout. It is an effective recumbent elliptical machine, enabling you to keep your body moving, working both upper and lower body, without the impact on your joints that comes with many other forms of exercise.

The Inspire Cardio Strider 3.0 is ideal to get you moving and aid your physical therapy without the risk of further injury.  It works in a similar way to the machines you would find at your physical therapy office, but is a much lower price. It enables the user to utilize all of the benefits of High Intensity Interval or Aerobic Base Training without the huge stress of impact based pursuits such as running.

How does Cardio Strider CS3.0 work?

Smooth, solid and quiet feel combined with a pleasant, do-it-all-day foot motion. The Inspire Cardio Strider 3.0 features a low step-through design, making it easy to get on and off the seat. The easy-access step-in design accommodates even obese bodies yet has enough high-performance features to please serious workout junkies. 
The foot traces not a full oval but a straight-ahead path with a slight oval curve at the end, specifically designed to be easy on the knees and back. The unique linear path of the pedals greatly reduces knee sheer while still engaging all of the user's leg muscles and glutes.  The arc shaped motion of the machine has led to striders also being referred to as arc trainers. The motion of the machine allows for low impact on the joints with an increase in muscle toning.
The Inspire Cardio Strider 3.0 utilizes a silent Poly V Belt Drive system together with a friction-free eddy current resistance system with 16 levels of resistance, starting at an ultra-easy 10 watts. This type of system means that there are no wearing parts and it is smooth and quiet in operation.

The Strider is equipped with both functional and non-functional arm handles and resistance to increase workout intensity. The moving handlebars target the large muscles of the upper body for maximum calorie burn and conditioning. The CS3.0 Cardio Strider is ideal for people who need a low impact workout, but are looking for more toning than a standard elliptical machine provides. 


The CR3.0 Cardio Strider is equipped with a bright blue backlit LCD display with useful information such as elapsed time, distance, strokes per minute and burnt calories to track your workout. It also includes an innovative ticker-tape-style banner that guides you through exercise routines -- Focus Programs for Arms, Legs or full body. With these functions you can focus yourself more on specific muscle groups and can also decide to row a certain distance to burn a certain number of calories.

Ten preset programs with 20 levels of resistance make the CS3 the perfect full body workout for people of all fitness levels.  Attain your fitness goals without compromising your joints. Being fit never felt so good!

Inspire App

Inspire have designed a unique fitness app to work alongside their home fitness equipment. With a varity of workouts and exercises to choose from this app will help you achieve your fitness and health goals!

•Store your user information & goals to tailor your exercise routine.
•Have access to an incredible database of workout programs & exercises.
•Create custom workouts to help you reach your goals.
•Track your user history with log history & progress options.
•Understand your machine better with the handy visual diagram.
•Use more than 10 different Inspire machines in conjunction with this app!

What are the Features?

Low Step through height offers easy access to seat.
Sliding and Locking Seat system integrated.
Silent Poly V Belt Drive System provides whisper quiet operation.
Friction Free Electro-Magnetic Resistance System means no wearing parts.
Friction Locking Handles for added adjustability.
Contact Heart Rate sensors built into the handles.
Polar T31 Heart Rate Strap included.
Handles Flip to switch between CHEST/BACK workout and BICEPS/TRICEPS workout.
Resistance starts at an ultra-easy 10 watts.
Stride Length ranging from 12" to 15" based on foot position.
Simple Back and Forth Reciprocating Leg Movement drives through the hips to reduce knee shear.
Computer Console Bright Blue Backlight LCD display is easy to read in low or bright light.
Computer has 10 Preset Programs (6 auto-resistance, 2 focus, and 2 heart rate specific programs).
Dimensions:  Length 59" x Width 34"


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