Inspire Multi Line Commercial Dual Action Bicep and Tricep - Multi Line Dual Action Range - More Exercises in Less Less Space.

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Inspire Multi Line Commercial Dual Action Bicep and Tricep:

The Inspire Multi Line Bicep and Tricep is designed to provide a comfortable position for bicep and Tricep work from a seated or standing position. There are no adjustments required. Commercial quality ideal for gyms, apartments schools, essential services and another corporate gym situations.

Multi-Line Dual Action Bicep and Tricep Highlights:

Bicep and Tricep Dual Action - 
 Designed to offer multiple pulling angles without adjustments. Suits all sizes of users and creates unlimited angles of motion.

Dual Weight Stacks -  Allows isolateral movement with the independent pull arms. 1 weight stack can operate at a time.

Bicep - Multiple seat angles can be used to work and upper area of the bicep from the pull points on the lower section of the machine.

Tricep - You can sit or stand to work the back of your arms from the pull points located on the top of the machine.

Swivel pull points - Swivel pulleys smoothly rotate at all pull points. These are mounted on commercial bearings and create limitless freedom of motion.

One Adjustment - There are seven-seat forward and after positions. Gives multiple angles to work muscles. Time-saving while getting on with your workout and keeps  it simple for unsupervised users.

Low Profile Frame Desing  - Looks great in the gym setting. All of the uprights sit at the same level to give a well-finished uniform look.

Bold Usage placards - Clearing displays usage and muscle groups targeted by the machine.

Easy Installation and Freight - The box packaging is very durable and they designed to fit through standard doors to get to the desired location for set up.


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