Hexagonal Dumbbells

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Key Features

Brand Live Up
Model No. LS2021
Type Fixed Hexagonal Rubberized Dumbbells
Packaging Poly Bag / Carton
Warranty 6 Months

Product Features

Weight Range 1 to 10kg, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25kg, 27.5kg & 30kg
Material Iron coated with Rubber
Color Black
Pricing Per Pair
Combo Available

What are the Hexagonal Rubberized Dumbbells?

Lifting weights is an integral part of a fitness routine and Rubber Hexagonal Dumbbells are free weights that offers a quieter, more convenient workout with powerful results.

Dumbbells are great for the strength trainer who is conscious of workout time and ensures the optimum use of the available space. A full set of dumbbells will allow you to quickly and easily transition between different weights.

If you are considering multiple weights, please check our Dumbbell Set Packages for special prices.
  1. Sizes: 1 to 25kg
  2. Durable - Made from solid cast iron and completed with a baked in gray enamel finish.
  3. Ergonomic Hexagonal Dumbbells are perfect in weight and balance.
  4. Grooves on the edges of the handle provide a secure grip.
  5. Ergo grip of knurled dumbbell ensure high gripping range, wide gripping force, comfort and maximum safety.
How does the Hexagonal Rubber Dumbbells work?

The Dumbbells allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises compared to a strength machine which are typically are designed to help you isolate and work on a specific muscle.

Dumbbells incorporate the stabilizing muscles that enable you to perform the exercise movement. Using stabilizing muscles to lift weights will make you more effective in producing overall muscular strength and power.

They are more closely matched to the natural movements of your muscles and joints and help to improve your overall balance and coordination.


The chrome contour handles ensure that lifting these weights is easier as it gives you a better grip.

  1. Protects floors and equipment
  2. Reduces noise
  3. Steel chrome contoured (ergo) handles - easier and safer to handle.
  4. Durable rubber will not crack or fade, and prevents damage to floors and equipment.
  5. Pinned heads for commercial use.
  6. Unique design ideal for home, vertical and commercial markets.


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