Folding Exercise Mat

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Product Features

Brand Live Up
Model No. LS3254
Folding / Hanging Folding
Material PVC+EPE


Dimensions 180(L) x 60(W)cm
Thickness 4.0cm
Color Black
Accessory Two Nylon Handles


Exercise mats and special non-slip mats are used during any fitness activity to protect your hands, feet, back, and body while you complete your favorite exercises. Besides cushioning you from the hard floor underneath, exercise mats can also help reduce injuries. It prevents your hands and feet from slipping so you can get the most out of your workout and safely perform any stretching exercises.


Tri-Fold Mat

This mat ensures that exercises are carried out on adequate cushioning for the back. At 180L x 60W (cm), it allows users to comfortably do ab workouts, planks, and long duration yoga poses.



Integrated two carrying nylon handles make transportation convenient, and the Tri-Fold design is compact to fit easily into closets, car trunks, or in storage units at the gym.


Comfortable Padding

Features 2-inch padding for extra comfort and support during a variety of training exercises, such as yoga, core strengthening, stretching, Pilates, and martial arts.





Environment-friendly PVC+EPE Material which is Nontoxic, Recyclable, Photo degradable and Moisture-proof would be a Safe use for Women,Children and Adults.


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