Cross Rower CR2.1

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What is the CR2.1 Rower?

The Inspire Cross Rower CR2 is an innovative fitness machine that provides an excellent core-building cardiovascular workout right from the comfort of your own home. It is the only rower in the world to have push and pull resistance, and it just keeps getting better with the launch of the new, upgraded CR2.1.
With HIIT training taking the fitness industry by storm, the Inspire CR2.1 Cross Rower is perfect for individuals who enjoy both aerobic and anaerobic training and are looking for a product that incorporates both types of exercise to help build long lean muscle, as well as enjoy a pain free, low-impact workout.

How does CR2.1 Rower work?

The Inspire Fitness CR2.1 Cross Rower is designed in a way that all muscle groups are challenged during an intensive full body workout. With a full range-of-motion rowing action, the CR2 mimics the feeling and response of an outdoor water exercise. It's bi-directional resistance is uniquely designed to activate all the muscles of the body and kick start your metabolic furnace.
The CR2.1 cross rower combines a "pull" and a "push" movement, compared to normal rowers, which only offer the pull movement. With this Push function the machine challenges different muscles in a more effective way. The pushing motion will work addtional muscles including abdominals, triceps & shoulders which you wouldn't target from a pulling machine machine. 
With a comfortable anatomically molded seat and smooth gliding action along the aluminum center beam, the ball bearing roller resistance challenges and tones up your back, shoulders, abdominals, and chest.

What are the Features?

•3 different grip options; the handles are formed in a way that you can hold it in different ways, which helps to attack different muscles. 
•Equipped with "quick release" foot straps.
•Seat horizontally and vertically adjustable.
•The seat moves elliptically and not only horizontally like conventional rowing machines. 
•Extremely smooth and silent.
•Possibility to focus completely on the lower body (isolation). 
•Manually adjustable adjustment knobs on the handles.
•Magnetic resistance provides a smooth, consistent resistance with no wearing parts
•Bi-directional resistance activates all the muscles of the body
•Polyurethane dipped handles provide superior slip resistance
•Polar coded heart rate strap receiver (requires Polar T34 extended range chest strap)
•Quick release bindings for safety, Shimano grip shifter
•26 lb. flywheel guarantees a smooth motion


Next to all these great characteristics, the CR2 is also equipped with a bright and clear display. This display shows you useful information such as elapsed time, distance, strokes per minute and burnt calories. On top of that, you have the possibility to chose from so-called Focus Programs for Arms, Legs or full body. With these functions you can focus yourself more on specific muscle groups. You can also decide to row a certain distance to burn a certain number of calories.

Inspire App

Inspire have designed a unique fitness app to work alongside their home fitness equipment. With a varity of workouts and exercises to choose from this app will help you achieve your fitness and health goals!

•Store your user information & goals to tailor your exercise routine.
•Have access to an incredible database of workout programs & exercises.
•Create custom workouts to help you reach your goals.
•Track your user history with log history & progress options.
•Understand your machine better with the handy visual diagram.
•Use more than 10 different Inspire machines in conjunction with this app!


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