Club Model Stepper - LS3168E

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Key Features

Brand Live Up
Model No LS3168E
Product Size 110 (L) x 41 (W) x 11 (H) cm
Height Adjustment 11 to 21cm
Packaging White Box
Material Polyethylene

What is the Adjustable Aerobic Step?

The Step Aerobics differs from other forms of aerobic exercise because it involves use of an elevated platform, or Aerobic Step. Featuring a non-slip surface for peace of mind, the Aerobic Step allows you to easily adjust the height so you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout at a pace that perfectly suits you. It provides a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for both beginners and experts, the Aerobic Step is easy to use and enables you to elevate your heart rate more quickly than traditional low-impact aerobics and enhances lower body shaping.
Material: High Quality Polyethylene material for long-life consistent usage.
Size: 110(L) x 41(W) x 11(H) cm
Height Adjustment: 11 to 21cm
Risers: Size:
       Height Increases by 5cm with each Riser.
Color: Step Platform - Green & Black
       Risers - Pink
The Club Stepper allows users to add risers to the Stepper as you continue to add new challenges to your workout. The risers are easily detached and added to the base.

The Stepper comes with 2 pai of risers and you can purchase additional risers at discounted price at the time of your purchase. You can still purchase additional risers when you are ready to raise the bar on the intensity of your workout.
How It Works:
The Club Stepper is the low-impact, high-intensity way to work your whole body without injury for a lifetime. It has been designed to incredibly stable and is easily one of the best aerobic stepper in the market.
The extra large stepping surface of 110(L) x 41(w) cm allows you to work safely and incorporate multiple workout routines. The non-slip surface will be able to support almost any weight and withstand any form of stress. The rubber-slip resistant mat has also been improved upon so that it should not come lose from the step platform.
The Turnstep is done using the Club Stepper and is done in four counts. Start the move facing the Step sideways. Leading with the right foot, step up on the bench sideways with the right foot; bring the left foot up onto the bench as you turn. Step off the bench with the right foot; bring the left foot down next to the right foot.
The Grapevine is a popular move in aerobics classes. The Grapevine step is done on the floor without stepping on the stepper. The Grapevine is done in eight counts. Step to the side with the right foot. Step the left foot behind and past the right foot, then step to the side with the right foot and bring the left foot next to the right foot. Then step to the side with the left foot, bring the right foot behind and past the left foot. Step to the side with the left foot; bring the right foot next to the right foot.


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