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Brand Club Fit
Model No. BC07
Folding / Hanging Folding
Material Eco Friendly POE


Dimensions 180(L) x 60(W)cm
Thickness 0.8cm
Color Blue, Black
Accessory Carry Strap


Exercise mats and special non-slip mats are used during any fitness activity to protect your hands, feet, back, and body while you complete your favorite exercises. Along with cushioning you from the hard floor underneath, exercise mats can also help reduce injuries and prevent your hands and feet from slipping so you can get the most out of your workout and safely perform any stretch.



Polyolefin Elastomer (POE)

The top rated yoga mat material on the market. Ultimate resilience and grip on the ground, easy to clean it with soap and water.


Thicker & More Comfortable

The POE mat is thicker and more comfortable than most other mats, making it especially ideal for people with a sensitive back. It provides mild cushioning and traction for maximum comfort. With a thickness of 0.8cm, it provides excellent support for knees, back and ankles.

  Dual Layer Mat

   The Dual-Layer Mat Is Fully Reversible. It Comes With 2 Different Grip Patterns For Workouts,
   Yoga And Other Uses. The Dual-Layer Is Durable With Extra Thickness To Cushion Against Joint  


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