Alexia Shoulder Press

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Product Details

Model No. MA763
Dimensions 750(L)x610(W)x1300(H)mm
Weight 29kg(64lbs)
Color Brown

Product Warranty

Frame 7 Years
Cylinders 2 Years
Upholstery 1 Year
All Other Parts 2 Years
Labor 2 Years

What is the Hydraulic Strength Equipment?

The Hydraulic Strength Equipment does not require weights and depends on 3 elements for resistance:

a. Highly Engineered Hydraulic Pistons
b. The Speed of the User
c. Level of the Resistance

With the absence of an eccentric load as there is no lowering of weights, the delayed onset muscle soreness is nearly eliminated. You may stop at any point of lifting as there is no fixed weight acting against your motion, It is ideal for elderly, seniors and rehabilitation as they can perform at their own pace and in a safe environment.

What are the Features?

~Streamline Shape & Ergonomic Design
~6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train opposing muscle groups
~Bi-Directional Hydraulic Resistance
~Fixed Base for Maximum Stability
~Tow Handles with Non-Slip Grips
~Train Muscle Group - Deltoid, Triceps Brachii and Biceps Brachii  
~Circuit Training Applicable

Target Muscle Groups 

~Triceps Brachii
~Biceps Brachii


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