Aerobic Stepper & Bench

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DIMENSIONS 121(L) X 33(W) X 20(H) cm
COLOR Blue & Black


The Live Pro Deck is a revolutionary, versatile exercise platform. It can be used as an aerobics step or a bench, making it particularly suitable for step aerobics, cardiovascular and strength exercises. The Step height of which is ideal for low impact aerobics. To increase the height, simply flip out the risers to 35cm. It has three adjustable sitting positions, storage spaces for tubes and weights, non-slip feet, guides in the backrest and leg supports for attaching tubes. When used with weights and tubes, it is a compact training apparatus for a full body workout. The Live Pro Deck has a non-slip surface making it stable and safe to use. It is easy and quick to adjust via snap locks.



Adjustable Height

This is pretty standard among aerobic steppers. One advantage is that the top of the deck is adjustable in 2 positions, so you can decide which setting best suits you. The two risers that allow you to elevate the platform up to 35cm.


Sturdy Design

Whether you're doing a fast-paced workout or doing push-ups, this aerobic stepper features skid-free rubber feet as well as a secure lock-in system that allows you to securely attach the risers underneath the stepper. The weight limit for the stepper is 110 kg.


Non-Slip Stepping Board

This aerobic stepper features a rubber platform that gives you a nice grip under feet. And, it's also pretty roomy size so you'll have enough room and not lose your balance.


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