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PRO Weighted Vest Main View
PRO Weighted Vest Main View

PRO Weighted Vest - 20Kg

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Pro weighted vest is a perfect piece of equipment to increase the strength and reduce the body fat. Pro weighted vest is made of durable fabric foam, with double stitching and wide shoulders straps.
SKU Code: LP8195-20Kg
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PRO Weighted Vest - 20Kg

You can easily adjust the weight just by removing the sandbags, which are equally spaced on the vest. The fastening system is created by a double wide band with Velcro. Pro weighted vest has got also reflexive straps on back and chest.

Easily add or remove bags to adjust overall weight to suit specific training needs. Use for plyometric drills, body weight exercises, and more.

Pro weighted vest adds resistance to training programs without compromising biomechanics. This vest has reinforced shoulder straps and padded shoulders. Adjust by adding or removing individual weighted bags to achieve desired weight. Double internal stitching adds durability to this quality made vest.


  • Helps improve physical performance for a wider set of muscles group.
  • Expends more energy to achieve your fitness goal.
  • Helps work out abdominal muscles and build core muscle strength.
  • Can be used for broad range of exercises - jogging, walking, rope-jumping, bike riding, core strengthening and weight training.
  • Velcro closures ensure a comfortable fit.
  • 8 Individual weight pockets 4 in front and 4 at back for even weight distribution.



Detachable Velcro Strap

Can be tightened at the waist straps to fit against the torso.

Middle Torso Weight Pockets

The ten weight pockets of the vest are placed around the middle torso.

Wide Shoulder Straps

Easy Velcro tightening.

Brand & ModelLivePro & LP8195-20Kg
MaterialDurable Fabric Foam
Dimension31 (L) X 39 (W) cm
Available Weight20Kg (44 Lbs)
Pockets5 Front X 5 Back (Iron Sand)
Warranty6 Months

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