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LIVEUP Premium EVA Gym Flooring
Premium EVA Gym Flooring

LIVEUP Premium EVA Gym Flooring

The common interlocking EVA mats have a density of 35 degrees but the premium EVA mat has a density of 80 degrees making it ideal for gym flooring.

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What Is The Premium Eva Foam Mat?

The premium EVA foam mat distinguishes from similar EVA mats by their higher density. The common interlocking EVA mats have a density of 35 degrees. The premium EVA mat has a density of 80 degrees making it ideal for gym flooring.

Our premium EVA mats are 10 mm thick interlocking foam tiles that are shock absorbent. Dense EVA foam can be the best gym flooring for your exercise routines of weights, yoga,pilates, or other weight training workouts. It absorbs impact well under feet, it is soft enough to lay down on for stretching and other exercises, and it is not very heavy.

Designed with durable foam puzzle pieces that interlock to create a cushioned surface, the premium EVA mat dampens sounds while protecting both athletes and equipment from hard floors.

How Does The Premium Eva Foam Mat Work?

Each tile is constructed of a lightweight yet resilient EVA foam rubber material that is easy to transport.

Multi-purpose 50 cm EVA foam mats complete with straight edge strips.

One set of 4 interlocking pieces for an area of 1 square meter.

The mix of softness and support provided by EVA foam flooring is valuable to those on their feet for extended periods of time as it has anti-fatigue qualities.

Foam interlocking tiles are easy to install and are just as easy to remove if you need to replace a tile or move the flooring to another area.

EVA foam flooring is flexible and shock absorbing making it great for home workouts and athletes involved in mixed martial arts (MMA) and other aggressive activities.

Foam floors are waterproof and are great for areas that may experience excess moisture or liquid spills.

Foam floors are resistant to most stains and oil and require very little maintenance other than sweeping up debris, wiping up spills, and damp mopping with mild soap and water from time to time.

EVA foam flooring is cost effective, fun and easy to use, and is very versatile with its many possible applications.

Brand & ModelLiveUp & 2102H(80)
DescriptionMulti-Purpose / Interlocking (4 Pcs)
PackagingShrink Wrap
Bulk DiscountAvailable
MaterialDense EVA
Size(50 * 50)cm
Thickness1 cm
Warranty6 Months

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