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LIVEUP Power Wrist Exerciser
Power Wrist Exerciser

LIVEUP Power Wrist Exerciser

The Power Wrist Exerciser enables you to perform regular and reverse wrist curls to build arm strength and muscles.

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Power Wrist Exerciser

With traditional weightlifting, wrist injuries occur rather often due to insufficient joint support. The power wrist exerciser reduces the risk of injuries with padded handles, so that your arm is protected and supported during training.

The continuous and even resistance from the spring utilizes forearm muscles without adding unnecessary pressure at the wrists. It provides essential forearm exercise for athletes, musicians or a professional who requires strong handgrip and forearm muscles.


  • Durable
  • Portable


MaterialPolyester ; carbon spring steel
Dimension38(L) x 14(W) cm (11” x 5.5”)
Resistance4 levels
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