Olympic & Powerlifting Bars

The Standard Olympic Barbells are usually more popular for the big lifters. However, with more and more interest in strength training more specialty Olympic Bars are available to add variety to your weight training.

You can now choose from the Standard 4 , 5, 6 or 7 foot Standard Olympic Training Bars or the Men and Women Competition Olympic Bars. The Olympic Competition Bars are usually used for powerlifting and undergo more quality control and testing. Competition Bars are more stiff or rigid for higher loading capacity and the knurling (markings on the bar) are closer.

We do also offer a wide range of Specialty Olympic Training Bars such as Tricep Bar, Hex Bar, Curl and EZ Curl Bar and Multi-Grip Bar and the Bi-Tri-Trap Bar. All the bars of the highest quality and combined with the Olympic Weight Plates, they offer unsurpassed options for your weightlifting workouts.