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Multi-Use Hanger
Multi-Use Hanger

Multi-Use Hanger

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Price: $139
Retail Price:$239
You Save:$100(42%)
The live pro multi-use hanger is a simple and efficient storage option to keep your training space clean and neat.
SKU Code: LP8817
Availability: In Stock.
Multi-Use Hanger

LIVEPRO’s wall-mounted multi-purpose hangers are reliable storage solutions for almost any lightweight gymnastic accessory, from belts and chains to skipping ropes, ribbons, etc. These simple elements not only help to keep a training room in order, they also make it more efficient – because gym enthusiasts and athletes can quickly and easily find what they need.


  • Durable
  • Easy mounting
  • Abundant slots

Brand & ModelLivePro & LP8817

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